Designated Teacher requirements

The requirements for a Designated Teacher are below.

They have undertaken appropriate training and are a school leader with appropriate influence.

They have lead responsibility for helping school staff understand the aspects which affect how looked after children learn and achieve.

They are in a school with a culture of high expectations and aspirations for how looked after children learn.

They are in a school that makes sure the child or young person has a voice in setting outcomes.

They are in a school that uses high quality personal education plans as a tool to make sure progress towards education outcomes is monitored.

They have a key role in helping looked after children make a smooth transition to their new school or college.

They have a key role as a central point of initial contact who can manage the process of how the school engages with others, works in a joined up way and minimises disruption to the child’s education.

They provide school governors with an annual evaluative report on the provision and outcomes for looked after children.