Criteria for quality assurance of Pupil Education Plans

The following criteria should be met to make sure the Pupil’s Education Plan (PEP) meets standards.

The pupil voice clearly portrays the young person’s views.

There is detailed information about the young person’s engagement with learning, social engagement, strengths and interests.

There is an analysis of need, including sufficient information of the young person’s barriers to achievement.

The plan should include details of what is currently in place. There should be a clear link between analysis of need, strengths and actions taken by the school, setting or college.

The plan should include future planning with actions linked to stated areas of interest.

Outcomes are linked to an analysis of need. They should be aspirational and relevant.

Actions should match the outcomes and it must be clear how the impact is being measured.

Spend details of the Pupil Premium should be linked to targets.

The plan should be sent within advised timescales.